Welcome to Readiness Fitness

Our motto for 2021: "BE FIERCE!"


When you walk through the doors at Readiness Fitness, you will be walking into a community unlike any other in Regina.


At Readiness, we welcome members of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. All of our classes are designed so that anyone – from beginners to elite athletes – can participate and be challenged by the workout. All you need to do is YOUR best!


Centrally located in Regina’s warehouse district, Readiness Fitness is the brainchild of Tracy Read, Personal Trainer, Spartan SGX Coach (Level 2), and Personal Transformation Coach.


More than just a gym, Readiness Fitness has worked hard over the last eight years to develop a community that is welcoming, fun, and really more like family. We provide our clients with a safe and supportive environment, build each other up and celebrate successes! BE FIERCE this year and achieve greatness!


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