LBD 3.0 Testimonials

We just completed round 3 of our Little Black Dress Project. Below you will find testimonials from our clients. 

(This page will be updated as testimonials come in, so check back often!)

I was very excited to start the Little Black Dress challenge. I was very inspired by all of the results of the previous challenges and how some clients where able to sustain their weight loss.  I was excited to sign up for this challenge!!


I have an idea of what I want to accomplish, but I don’t set hard targets and timelines. This year I was determined to not only set a goal to complete this challenge but to make this my starting point to be the healthiest version of myself that I could.  Challenges are sometimes difficult – especially if they are restrictive or highly competitive.  Once it is over, you can fall off the wagon hard – and ultimately end up where you started… Little black dress is totally different.  Yes it is hard to change, but these changes are completely sustainable.  This challenge provides you with everything you need to succeed and create a sustainable healthy lifestyle:  a solid nutrition plan, wonderful community of support and great at home workouts that you can do anywhere. 


I just had a baby in October. This being my second (and likely last) child, I was excited to get my body back.  After I had the baby I was carrying an extra 25 lbs – so I was feeling sluggish, tired (not just from being sleep deprived), and not a very happy person.  I was determined to become a healthy happy role model for my kids and family.  I knew in order to help manage this I needed to be a bit selfish and  focus on my physical and mental health.  Sustaining a healthy lifestyle is ultimately the foundation I am looking for to grow my confidence.  Enter the Little Black Dress and Readiness Fitness…


The Little Black Dress project really helped me achieve all that I set out in the beginning.  I now fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes – even some are getting too big.   I was able to reset and restore balance into my life.  I anticipate big changes this year – and my ultimate goal this year is to be in the best physical and mental shape of my life.  I am on my way to achieving this goal. 


I'm very proud to have taken the time for myself to start this plan and stuck it out. It takes courage to start something and stick it out.


I have made my family proud - I feel more confident and am able to manage stressful situations way better. My husband has also lost weight by eating better as a family. All around we are a happier house.  He tells me all the time how proud he is of me and that I am such a good role model.   If feel like during the hard crazy days as a mom – that they are a little bit easier to manage.


I'm proud of how far I have come in a short time - having a second baby and being sleep deprived are good excuses for not working out or eating better - with my first it took me almost the whole 12 months to loose the baby weight. 


I have changed my eating habits - and that I plan to continue to eat this way.   I eat to fuel my body. This is the first challenge that I haven't thought about the end and what I'm going to eat.  About half way through the challenge I realized that this wasn’t just a challenge for me – with a specific end date.  This was going to be how I sustain and help myself achieve my bigger goal this year and ultimately help me achieve what I want.

Robyn M

I don't think I actually have the words to explain just how great this program and Readiness Fitness is.  This is my second time doing Little Black Dress and I'm signed up for the third time.  I started at Readiness because I wanted to build strength and lose belly fat.  While I have done both of those things, what I have gained is so much more.  I have learned just how important it is to take care of myself and love myself.  And by taking care of myself, I am a better wife, mother and friend.  I can look back at pictures of myself where I was thirty pounds heavier and now I think, "wow, I was always beautiful." That realization was an amazing feeling.  I have learned how to make and keep my lifestyle more healthy - both physically and emotionally - in a sustainable way.  This program is worth so much more than what you pay.  -Jill T

I first saw the LBD 3.0 advertised on facebook and thought how fun would that be.  I paid, I registered and then I wanted to bail.  I had a problem with food, I had a problem saying no to food and I loved food.  I felt like an addict going through withdrawal and it hadn't even started yet.  My mind immediately went to I can't do this! This schedule will not work for me! This eating plan will not work!  How am I gonna afford this? I am grateful that Readiness Fitness would not give me a refund.  I was encouraged and supported to choose to make the decisions only I could make and I turned that I can't into I can (it was so hard but I did it) and 6 weeks later I lost 20lbs and 11 inches.  YES....20LBS.....  Seriously how amazing was that. 


The LBD plan and Tracy Read as a motivator and coach were the supplements I needed to be successful in this program.  Once the information started coming out it seemed overwhelming, however I received...

  • a daily email of support

  • a recipe book

  • a meal plan (with recipes and food options that were easy and delicious)

  • Numerous workout options at the gym

  • Support on facebook pages

  • CONSTANT Encouragement and Motivation

  • I received support and options for busy times when meal prep was tough

  • I received workout plans when the gym would not work for my schedule

  • I received check in responses

  • I was always held accountable for my choices


Not so overwhelming anymore, I looked forward to the emails, the new meal plan, the new tips and tricks.  I started to feel less bloated, less tired, less moody.  I found willpower and strength.  I started saying no to poor food choices.  I started to feel my muscles grow.  My clothes started to fit and not dig into my gut.  I felt amazing.  I felt AMAZING.  (screaming with pride and excitement holding back tears)


This program is fun, challenging and most important rewarding.  It requires team work.  Tracy will never stop giving you her 100% of the 50% she is responsible for and if you give 100% of the 50% you are responsible for, like I did, you too will be successful.  TRACY & READINESS GAVE ME EVERYTHING  I NEEDED TO SUCCEED.  I OWNED THIS PROGRAM.  I APPLIED THE TOOLS! I MADE GOOD AND BAD CHOICES! Together I lost 20 lbs in 6 weeks.  8.4% of my body weight. 


I thank Readiness Fitness for being real, being reliable and being supportive.  Thank you for this program.  It changed my life and changed me. -Melissa D


I can't say enough great things about the LBD Program.  I signed up after having a few very difficult years, and it really was the perfect thing for me.  The benefits are far bigger than the weight I lost. I got back into the habit of eating well, something I'd totally lost control of in recent years. I also gained so much confidence from following through with something that was so far out of my comfort zone.


The meal plan was tasty and so well thought out. With a little prep work it was easy to follow. My whole family benefited from having healthy food thought out ahead of time. I love the workouts at Readiness, both the Staff and the members are so friendly and helpful. Even though I'm in poor physical shape and super awkward I made it through the workouts- there's always someone to help you out and get you through the tough bits, and there's modifications for people with any level of fitness. I'm  so happy I got over being intimidated by my own fears if not being able to keep up with women who are so much fitter than I am. There is a place for everyone at Readiness. The change in what I can do in the gym amazes me, and that's after only 6 weeks.


The confidence I got from my success with the plan carried over into the rest of my life as well. I was feeling so energized I applied to go back to school, which I had been putting off for years! I signed up for the next round of LBD as soon as it was available, and can't wait to see the changes the next 6 weeks will bring.  -Heidi HC

Having been in the LBD program once before, I knew exactly what kind of result I could achieve if I followed through with it 100%. This program was exactly what I need after going a little crazy during the holidays (baked goodies and I were on a whole new friends level). I knew I had gain some weight and needed help loosing it plus the positive Facebook group environment really helps you stay on track. I love the LBD program and all it has to offer. It's such a great conversation starter at Readiness Fitness as well, I ended up talking to so many new women this time around because we all had something in common... The little black dress program. The weigh ins and pictures are such a great way to keep you accountable, hearing that I lost 10.2 pounds was great BUT actually seeing the physical change with side by side pictures was when it really sunk in!


Thanks for putting so much work into this program for us. It's really amazing what you have done for so many women Tracy. I'm blessed to know a strong, motivated and inspiration women like you! -Darby E

I began LBD 3.0 on January 2nd by doing my weigh in and measurements with Tracy.  After I stepped on the scale I felt defeated and beat down. I allowed myself to be upset for an hour and then I knew I had to use this as my motivation instead of letting it consume my thoughts.   I knew I had to fight this battle and stop making excuses as to why I wasn't loosing weight!!! My main reason for joining LBD was to relearn healthy eating habits and to exercise more before turning 30 in October! Little did I know that I would learn so much more than that! I was super nervous to go to my first class at Readiness Fitness as I had never been to a gym before as it always intimidated me but after my first Ass and ABS class with Tracy I knew this was the place I was meant to be at.  


After that first class I was hooked and I now look forward to every class and trying different classes!!! My favorite thing about Readiness is seeing women of every shape and size and fitness level at the gym!! There is absolutely no judgement and just love in that room at whatever class I have taken part in!! I knew that getting to classes was my first battle aas it scared me the most and that eating right and following the meal plan was second!!! Tracy makes it so easy to follow the meal plan and the recipes are so easy to follow and taste amazing!!! I love being in the kitchen now and cooking healthy and sitting down to eat dinner with my husband and knowing we are filling our bodies with healthy food!!!  


During the six week period I always knew if I had questions about anything I could ask any of the ladies doing LBD or Tracy! It is a very open, supportive environment!  I started to see changes in your energy levels almost immediately! I was happy to get out of bed, I wasn't sluggish during the day and I still had energy left after a day of work! A couple weeks in I looked at myself one day and I noticed small changes already happening to my body! I couldn't believe it! I had done other weight-loss shakes and programs before and never noticed these types of changes so quickly!  


With Tracy's daily emails and tips there was always motivation to keep on a positive trail!! As final weigh in day approached I was so nervous! I just hoped that my results were there!! Standing on that scale on February 12th I felt the strongest and most confident I have ever felt in my life!! I had my roar back!!! Not only did the number on the scale make me happy but most importantly I felt good in my skin again, I had gained my love of cooking healthy again had a team at Readiness Fitness that I loved being around!  I love Readiness Fitness and I am so thankful there is a gym in Regina like this for women!! We are stronger together as women when we cheer each other on and support one another! We run the world together!!!!  Tracy truly is a empowering woman who wants us all of us to succeed at the LBD program and at life!  I am so thankful for her, Readiness Fitness and for getting my health back!!! 


"Here's to strong women.  May we know them.  May we be them.  May we raise them." -Maren I


LBD 3.0 was a great 6 week program to be a part of.  Tracy and Readiness fitness provide you with everything you need to be successful- daily support emails, a wide variety of exercise classes, weekly meal guide along with a grocery list.  By following the plan set out I was able to achieve my goal and lost 19.4lbs, 12.5 inches and fit back into my old jeans.  It provided me with a different mindset for eating and selecting foods to fuel my body.  I am so happy I decided to take part in LBD 3.0 and am looking forward to continuing this lifestyle change in LBD 4.0. -Janice M


I have tried many ways or quick solutions to try and lose weight but in the end always seemed to gain back more than I started with in the first place.  So some friends and I were talking and heard about this, we plunged in to try the LBD journey together.  Not only we're my friends great support, but the staff and people at readiness fitness were there as support and made a person feel so welcome.  The LBD program was great, it's not a diet it's a way of healthy eating which is easy to succeed at with the menu plan, recipes and shopping lists. During these 6 weeks I have felt more alive and energized than I have in many years!  I loved the daily emails and Tracy was always there if you needed anything at all.  The biggest thing I learnt from this is that meal prep equals success.  The success I had from just my first 6 weeks amazed me...I lost 34 pounds and basically 20 inches!!!  I would recommend this program and this gym to everyone, and I can't wait for the next LBD! -Crystal J


It is hard to put into to words what the Little Black Dress means to me.   This was my third round and it amazes me how much I learn each time.   The first time I participated it was all about losing weight and the number on the scale but it became so much more.  I have learned how important diet is.   I have learned to eat clean and surprised myself that I didn't miss pasta and bread the way I thought I would.  


Prepping my food each week has become a habit and makes my life so much easier.   I always have good and snacks ready so there is no excuse to not eat good food to fuel my body.   I have also learned that I am human and not to beat myself up when I stray off plan, just get back at it.  


My biggest success did not come from the number on the scale or the inches lost, it was from the amazing support Tracy gave everyday.   I looked forward to the daily emails and missed them when our six weeks was done.   I have made many new friends and reconnected with old friends.   I am surrounded by the most amazing support system anyone could ask for.   


I have so much more confidence in myself and am trying new things that I would never have done before. -Judi T

I get it. I finally get it. Taking care of me makes me so much better in every aspect of my life. Proper nutrition and exercise makes me a better mother, volunteer, employee, and friend. I feel so good inside and out!   The love, inspiration, friendships and acceptance of the ladies at readiness took me to a headspace that i have never been in before. I want to be healthier. I want to be happier and I finally feel like I deserve it!!


LBD 3.0 was my second LBD and I can't wait for 4.0 to continue on my journey  to health and happiness! -Wendy F

LBD 3.0 was so successful for me and was such a great starting platform for me to start bettering my health and fitness and mental health. After having 4 children I never thought I could get back even a little bit of the body or fitness level I had before children, but with LBD I got that back and so much more. I am working out with my family, we are eating a cleaner and healthier diet. We eat out less we spend more time together and we interact differently and it is all for the better. If you want to gain confidence and be successful at reaching your goals no matter how big or small they may be this program is for you. Join us for LBD 4.0 you won't be disappointed. -Kathleen E


LBD! Has changed my life! Not a diet but totally retrained my brain which I really needed to get off my plateau. I have been on a weight loss journey for 8 years. Weight loss of close to a hundred pounds! Wow!  Lots of ups and downs in that time! This program has totally changed my mindset which is tough to do! I have changed my way of looking at food. I now eat a lot cleaner and healthier. I have learned too that food could be fun and very tasty.


I went out of my comfort zone doing this program but am very happy that I did as the results were excellent and very much noticeable! Thank god! We have made many changes in our household and plan to keep them!


I have been a role model to my daughter and that is priceless. She asks to healthy snacks! That is amazing for a 9 year old!


Thru this program I was amazed to feel so full of energy and not bloated which is a huge thing for me. I was recently in Mexico and truly appreciated how I felt on this program. I felt horrible in Mexico. I know I could have made better choices sometimes but now I know how food affects me. I was bloated all the time, gassy and very low energy. I am happy to be back home making my own food following the basics of LBD. -Dionne Z

Little Black Dress taught me things about myself that I never though possible. The detox days sure test your strength and once you get through them you feel like Wonder Woman. This diet helped me realize that eating healthy really isn't that hard considering my 18 year old mind thought I could only cook KD! As long as you meal plan and make sure you have the right ingredients to make your meals with you're golden! I learned that cooking really isn't that hard and it can be fun! Throughout this diet I began to gain confidence in the way I looked and I began learned to cut out my negative voice inside my head and look at the positives! During this diet I managed to lose 18.9 pounds which equals 10.8% body weight percent lost! Looking at my changes in the mirror truly makes me feel motivated to keep going with this healthy lifestyle! I would suggest the LBD plan to anyone! -Robyn H


The little black dress project was the kick in the butt that I needed to get me on track with my heath and fitness goals. I've read many books on health and fitness and have tried many eating and exercise programs with some limited benefit, but have never been able to put it all together.  For me, this program was very easy to follow and helped show me how to develop healthy choices, which in turn helped me to adopt an overall healthier lifestyle. I went into this program with an open mind but was somewhat skeptical that I would truly see any changes. I am beyond excited to say that the program helped me not only lose weight, but also gain muscle and the realization that I was on a destructive path. I personally can not wait for the next round of LBD and everything it has in store for me.  -Whitney D

I can not believe what I've accomplished in 6 weeks!!!  The Little Black Dress Program helped me improve myself both mentally and physically.  I thought "time was my worst enemy" and I didn't have time to exercise or time to prepare meals; the LBD Program made me realize how important it is to take time for myself!!!  The support Tracy offers is second to none - you never feel alone; no matter how big or small of a challenge you are experiencing Tracy is there for you to coach you through it.  This program is exactly what I needed not only to get my life on track but my families as well.  It is such an amazing experience. -Sheila G

When I joined LBD 3.0 I thought I would lose some weight, but be stuck eating tasteless food for 6 weeks and be miserable while doing it. Little did I realize that a few days into this program I would see I was totally wrong. The way I was eating was a direct correlation to how I was feeling. Complete and utter crap.

After the initial cleanse days I was full of energy, less bloated and happy. I find my brain isn't foggy when I'm eating delicious nutritious food and drinking my daily water intake. 

I learned that using spices other than salt and pepper made your food taste like something you would get at a restaurant for a fraction of the price and you know EXACTLY how it's made and what's in it.

Going to the gym and leaving my family isn't selfish, it's practicing self care. If I can't take care of myself, how can I take care of the ones I love.

The biggest thing I've learned is that it takes support. I probably would have quit had I not had the daily emails from Tracy, and the support from the other ladies doing LBD. Having women empower other women is what this world is lacking. Knowing I have a safe place to go at Readiness Fitness and I won't be judged for my shape or size is what I've been looking for in my life. The only regret I have is not joining sooner.

This program takes dedication and commitment and you have to want to make the change. Knowing you are worth the change is the first step of success to a newer version of you. -Brooke R

I decided to join LBD 3.0 because I knew multiple friends and family members that had done it and had great results so I figured I would give it a try.  I thought it was going to be harder than it was because when I first started I felt like I was giving up a lot.  The thought of not eating dairy, gluten, sugar, pop and CHOCOLATE for 6 weeks was terrifying!  But after the first couple days I was in love with the LBD program and how easy it was.  With meal plans, recipes and grocery lists all prepared for you it made it so easy!  The classes at Readiness are amazing and so much fun!  My goals going into the program were of course to lose weight but also become a happier, healthier me.  I feel like I have accomplished this and so much more.  Over the 6 weeks I lost 24.4 pounds and 15.75 inches! But most importantly LBD has been the beginning of a lifestyle change for me that I plan to stick to.  I can’t wait to start LBD 4.0 in April! -Jen R

Reasons why you should consider the Little Black Dress from someone who tried it for the first time. Easy to manage grocery lists and weekly meal plans that take the guess work out of what to eat. There are no apps to track on, no macros to figure out, just simply follow the plan and eat healthy, clean food. There's a strong emphasis on planning on Sunday to be successful for the week. I found that the cheat meals helped with my mood because I didn't feel I had to completely give up foods that I enjoyed rather I could enjoy them on a much smaller scale at certain points during the week. I've done a few challenges and what I liked best was my own personal shift to embrace the meal plans and the way I was eating. I didn't feel myself counting the days until it was over, because I didn't feel I was missing out. There are such a variety of classes at Readiness there is something for everyone.  I am looking forward to the VIP event to celebrate with the follow challengers. -Yolande H

Little Black Dress was a phenomenal program that changed things for me in so many ways.  Many of these things are permanent changes in my life in regards to how I feel about food. The recipes are real food that you can actually enjoy with out feeling like you are on a plan. I never once felt restricted while taking part of this program and I learnt to kick a lot of my very bad eating habits out the door. The support given though out LBD is very personal and caring and the other ladies are also very supportive and always sitting at the sidelines to be each other's cheerleaders. I personally lost a good amount of weight and inches which was all great but gaining the confidence and feeling in control of my life again from this experience has changed my relationship with myself. Thanks Tracy for all your incredible and encouraging words and all the support and love you put into showing each and everyone of us that we can make very positive changes in our lives and be the best version of ourselves. - Stephanie J

LBD 3.0 was round 3 for me. With each round my habits of meal plan, meal prep and eating clean becomes more embedded in my life. It's such a great feeling to know at 57 years of age I can still make positive changes in my lifestyle. Exercising has always been a part of me, but I never considered eating clean before Readiness. The combination works. -Tammy V

I'm looking forward to LBD 4.0.

I've been a part of the Little Black Dress programs since my day one at this gym. I've learned something about myself every round and continue to improve. It's a long battle but having women behind you who have been there or are fighting for their own goals makes it easier. The accountability is what made this gym different from others I've gone to in the past. If I stopped showing up at @$_*! no one knew or cared. At Readiness you can expect something different. -Lauren B

I’ve always been someone who has picked themselves apart due to their weight and in 2016 I knew enough was enough. I constantly resorted to food when I was having a bad day and with 2016 feeling like my worst year yet I ate more than ever which in turn caused me to be the heaviest I’ve ever been. Being 4’11 I knew I needed to make a change and needed to do it NOW. December 2016 I signed back up at readiness and knew starting before “new year’s resolutions” would work in my favour and in turn it gave me a different mind set.

I chose Readiness as it is a place where you can go and be yourself and not be judged ( I find this to be huge in today’s world). Tracy has always been there for me and even takes time out of her day to stop and ask- are you really ok? To me that is when I knew this was the place I wanted to be and a place that I want to recommend to others.

A friend of mine kept raving about LBD and would always tell me about the fun outings and that is when I didn’t think twice and signed up for LBD 3.0- the constant support was exactly what I needed. Although; recently I had the privilege of seeing my before and after pictures and that is when I knew this is exactly what I needed and it’s the push I needed to finally get my back on track and taking time for me-not everyone else! #sweatingforthewedding #feelingbeautiful

LBD is so unique because so many people say “how is your diet working” it’s NOT a diet! I wish the world would stop using that phrase. This program is unique because it shows you what fuelling your body with good food actually does. I know I needed to go to the gym more but the fact that I stuck to the plan and lost what I did and saw the results I did.. goes to show food really is the key and this program lets you learn what is good and what is bad. Not even bad- what make you feel crappy and down in the dumps. Changing your eating style really makes a world of a difference!  Being a part of this wonderful program I would wake up each day up so excited to see my daily email. It truly makes a difference when you know you have ongoing support!

I would recommend this program to everyone! I am living proof that eating healthy foods can really change your life. I am happier, I am more confident, I am stronger but more of all I am beautiful and I am a warrior and can do whatever I set my mind to!! -Bree C

Convincing yourself to do something you're unsure of is a hard task. I'm so thankful that the LBD 3.0 program came my way.  


I'm thankful for the night back in November when I was feeling a bit low and my friends at splurge started taking about the Readiness Fitness LBD program.  It was something that sounded interesting and I'm glad I gave it a go. 


I'm thankful for the grocery lists and weekly meal plans.  The grocery store tour at Body Fuel Organics and the recipe sharing night were excellent learning opportunities. 


I'm thankful for the recipe book that provided new flavours and foods into my rotation of food choices. It was so nice that my family tried so many of the recipes in the LBD program without complaint. 


I'm thankful for the excellent workouts that I attended at Readiness Fitness.  There was always a friendly smile or conversation to be had and coach Zach always  provided a motivational and challenging class.


I'm thankful for the well thought out inspirational emails that Tracy sent every morning.  It made my day when the email came in. In fact there were days that I couldn't wait to read her next idea. 


I'm thankful for the knowledge that I have gained about how to fuel my body with food.  I believe that the six weeks has shown me that there are just some foods I can truly live without.  It has also taught me that if you aren't prepared with food choices it is so easy to return to old habits. 


I'm thankful for the change that I did see in my before and after pictures.   It is truly hard to always believe that your hard work is paying off and the pictures help with confirmation of success.


I'm thankful for the celebration night.  I truly do believe that you need to celebrate hard work and allow yourself to be human just once in a while.  My journey started back in November 2015 and I have celebrated many different accomplishments along the way.  Thanks to Tracy and her team at Readiness Fitness for organizing this celebration this time around. 


I'm thankful for me and the me that I'm becoming.  Cheers to LBD 4. -Leona S

Although this is my first time participating in LBD, I'm no stranger to the program. I have been watching the last 2 LBD Projects quite closely, as my sister, Lynn Geber, has participated in both.  She tried to get me to join, but I was not ready yet. 


Then, 3.0 came along. I gave Lynn my usual excuses about why I couldn't do it. She entered me in a Facebook give away that Tracy did back in December and I won!! It came at a time when I really needed it. My friend was getting married in Mexico in the beginning of February, right after most of LBD was done. I was a bridesmaid. I had been trying on my own to lose weight for 6 months with limited success. The timing was perfect and I was ready to fully commit to the program so I would be ready for Mexico and the little pink dress I had to wear for the wedding. 


The first thing I have to say about LBD is it works.... if you do it. The hardest part of any plan is the "doing" part. Honestly, I melted down when I saw the first week meal plan and grocery list. I guess I didn't realize how much of a hold food really had on me. It was hard to be disciplined with food for the first couple of weeks, but it got easier as the weeks went on. I also got used to working way harder in the gym than I would ever push myself on my own. I embraced the stiff muscles, I told myself I would like 5:30am classes... and I did!!


I loved LBD because it had all the pieces of the weight loss/ healthier body puzzle. The eating plan laid out, the classes are ready and waiting. The only thing any participant  has to add is the discipline. A huge part of any success is accountability. I loved that part of the program.  I love how Tracy wouldn't let me buy my own excuses- the ones I refused to recognize as sabotaging my own success. As a result, I'm stronger physically and mentally, I'm leaner, more toned, lighter and liking looking in the mirror more than I have in the last 3 years.   I see food as fuel, I don't stress eat anymore. I feel energetic, I'm more confident and positive. 


I would recommend this program to anyone who is ready to make a change, to be supported and accountable to their goals. The Readiness Fitness team is ready to accept you into the family and work beside you to see you realize your health and fitness goals. 


I'm not where I want to be yet, but I am well on my way. I'm so glad the timing was right for me this time. It has truly been life changing.  -Lee B

Where do I begin.  For the last couple years, I have been on a journey to find my true self and true happiness.   I have struggled with an eating disorder since I was a teenager.  I have tried every magic pill and every quick fix diet and must own at least 10 VHS workout tapes.  But nothing kept me motivated or else the results were temporary.  I had seen a lot of my friends and past co-workers on Facebook going to this place called Readiness fitness.  I thought, looks like fun, but I don't want anyone I know to see how I have let myself go.  I didn't want to be judged - truth was, I think I was judging myself the hardest.  It was in November I decided to take control of my happiness again. I joined the LBD program and crossed my fingers that I would last a week.  I decided to quit smoking, find an exercise program that worked and kept me motivated, and get back to a proper eating plan. I am the girl with a million excuses.  I can demotivate the most strong willed individual.   The day I met Tracy, I told her my fears of failure.   My life changed when I took that first class with Jess and then the next with Tracy. The family at the studio took the time to actually learn my name based on my FB picture.  I can honestly say that now, as I write this, with tears in my eyes,  I have never been more motivated by a stronger group of individuals.   When I made it to the day that I actually felt guilty for not wanting to go to a class, I knew I had found the place I had been searching for.   Even the scariest trainer of all(in my mind) has helped push me through one more burpee.  I have shed many tears on this journey but feel so great!  I am actually truly happy, I have found a new routine that keeps me excited and motivated to exercise, and I feel proud of my accomplishments.  I have shared this story with so many of my clients and some have even joined.  The results on the inside have far exceeded anything I imagined. I feel more confident, and I can smile when I look in the mirror.  I used to avoid mirrors all the time.    But now I AM A WARRIOR.   Thank you to everyone at Readiness! -Amanda M


Six weeks ago, if I were to hear about a new health program I would focus on what I would lose, not what I would gain. The Little Black Dress Program helped me to alter my views to look at things in a new perspective. Yes, I had amazing results, but this program is so much more than the numbers decreasing on the scale.I GAINED self confidence, I GAINED eating habits that will help me to continue to live a healthy lifestyle, I GAINED new friends to share my successes with, I GAINED physical and mental strength, and I GAINED the determination to always do the best I can, no matter what that looks like. LBD has so many amazing components to set you up for success, so what will you gain LBD 4.0? -Kelsey L

As an LBD alumni, I continue to be impressed with everything I learn and the confidence I gain after completing my 3rd LBD.  Not only have I lost weight and inches, I have strengthened and toned my body.      Not only am I changing my bad eating habits I am changing my lifestyle, all with the goal to becoming a healthier and leaner me.       I learned that at 57 years of age it is never too late, or to difficult, to change.....mind body and soul.....thanks to my readiness trainers and friends for helping and supporting me through this journey. -Donna M


Little Black Dress 3.0 is my 3rd time completing this program. I have learned different things from each one of them. This time I wanted to focus on learning to love taking care of myself and love how I feel when I do exactly that. Often I go through out my day so automated and routinely doing things for others and my business that I tend to forget to take care of myself. That said I did just that and I focused on making sure I got my meals and snacks prepped for my week and really focused on getting my water intake completed each day. The LBD 3.0 helped me get refocussed on healthy eating for my upcoming 2017 year of goals I set to complete. I have lost inches, some weight, but what I mainly wanted to do is gain strength and that is exactly what I did attending all the classes I did at Readiness along with home workouts. I am happy with my results from this program and plan to continue with this healthy lifestyle. - Lori L


I had just gained a bunch of weight recently. I happened to talk to a friend and she told me about this neat diet and exercise program. I was sick and tired of feeling like crap and not fitting into my clothes once again. I signed up for LBD. I wanted to try something different to help kickstart a new healthy lifestyle! I learned how to make healthy foods. I got out of my comfort zone and started working out!! I even got up to excercise at 5:30 am!! I started to feel so much better physically! Then my clothes were getting smaller!! That was awesome! Tracy, her fellow coaches, and the ladies at gym were so nice and supportive!! I loved having daily emails and online support to keep connected and on track!! I cant believe how well I did with this program. I plan to keep up this new healthy lifestyle!! Thanx so much Tracy!! -Allison T


I love the Little Black Dress project! So much so that I have done it 3 times! Meal plans, shopping lists, recipes, workouts, and support make it easy to succeed. I recommend it to everyone I know. The program has helped me change my lifestyle and eating habits. I have lost over 50lbs over the course of 3 LBD's and am now leading a healthier and happier life! -Erin M

This is the second time I did the little black dress project. I did the program this time to learn more about clean eating, learn how to cook with foods I have never cooked with before. Both times I have done the little black dress I have felt really good, more energy, slept better. I have made huge changes in my everyday eating. My family is enjoys all the food I make. This program has changed my life in so many ways. -Stephanie M